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Charlia Faulkner (right), principal at New Prospect Elementary School in Alpharetta, leads third-graders at the start of the schools Vocabulary Parade.
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"This is our first vocabulary parade," said Sardos. "Who knows what the. these costumes certainly required thought and creativity. Back : Back.
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Halloween costumes tend to be store bought, whereas vocabulary parade costumes celebrate the DIY spirit. Some schools choose to hold their parades in the spring,.
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(Left to right) Eric Britz, Richard Wickliffe, Dean Flowers, Alexis Forrest are fourth-graders at New Prospect. Students come to school dressed as a specific.
The Character Book Parade is right around the corner.. Blog Question of the Week: Give the name of 3 vocabulary words someone could use for a Vocabulary Costume.
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East Side’s Vocabulary Parade Based on an idea from Miss Alaneus,. Remember to include your chosen vocabulary word on the costume somewhere.
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The elementary school sent home a note... Vocabulary Parade 1. Choose an interesting word. 2. Get creative with a home-made costume that shows the meaning of your word.
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Organizing a vocabulary parade can be a good way to help students memorize and understand new words, synonyms and spelling. Making some easy costumes for this .
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Oct 20, 2008 · Today is the vocabulary parade costume. I woke my son up 30 minutes early because we had to do his costume for the school vocabulary parade .
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October Vocabulary Parade! Creek View will be staging our first ever Vocabulary Parade on October 21, 2011! The idea for the Vocabulary Parade stems from the .